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Violence at London conference

Industry message boards were buzzing over the weekend as the increasingly bitter competitive differences between Casino Affiliate Programs and the Gambling Webmasters Portal Association spilled over into violence at a London conference hotel.

A manager from one organisation, a resident at the hotel, was apparently forcibly removed from the hotel by security personnel at the request of a manager from the opposing company, which was holding a conference on the premises.

This already explosive situation was further aggravated by a confrontation between another two managers, which was fortunately calmed before more embarrassment was caused to the affiliate marketing industry.

Good sense prevailed in the end as executives of the two companies held discussions lifting bans and to some extent easing tensions, arriving at what appeared to be an informal truce that acknowledged the need for a better way forward.

Vernons Casino Bans Numerous Countries

‘No players accepted’ list significantly grows

According to the most recent reports about online casino operator Vernons Casino, an increasing number of online punters from different countries are being banned.

Namely, players claim that the UK-based operator has sent them emails, advising that it will not accept deposits from the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North Korea, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, and The Arab Emirates.

It was also added in the email that players have until August 7th to clear out their account balances.

A sort of an announcement of such actions was made earlier this year, when Vernons spokesman stated: “Vernons will not offer services online where it is not 100 percent legal and regulated – both Australia and Holland are 2 such examples. Because of our land-based pools businesses that operate in a number of different countries under individual laws we do not contravene any others. We are keen to see these countries properly regulated and then Vernons is well placed to be able to offer a trusted name in online gaming.”

Utah Says No-No to Online Gambling in Cafes

Police action shuts down two online gambling operations

West Valley City, Utah – the field of police action this week, when the law representatives conducted two raids which resulted in breaking of two online gambling rings, arrests of a dozen of people, and seizure of a number of equipment items. The action was welcomed by neighboring business owners, who were bothered by the fact that gambling operations were conducted next door.

The police still have not announced any details of the raids on Cyber City Café and Digital Connect, including names of those arrested. It was only specified that the action represents a result from a two-year investigation by local enforcement agencies.

It was explained by West Valley Police Sgt. Mike Powell: “We’re hoping that tonight we can send out a clear message that this will not be tolerated.” He added that those arrested in the raid for online gambling will face a punishment of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

VegasTech Presents Its New Release

Kanga Cash brings numerous winning opportunities

It has been announced by online gambling software developer Vegas Technology that it has released a new 5 reel 25 pay-line game, titled Kanga Cash. This colorful new launch works on a theme from the land Downunder, and it provides a lot of winning opportunities.

Namely, it introduces a number of special features, including 100x gold-panning bonus, Scatters, and Wild Kangoroo. What some may find missing in the game is the free spins feature, which many believe is an essential part of all quality slots.

Update Sportsbook Launches Full Live Dealer Service

New casino uses proprietary software

Using its proprietary technology from Gaming, company’s has launched a full live dealer service, which has previously been launched in a “soft” mode. Those interested in playing live dealer games can do so using their current account. This option is also available to US-based players.

It was announced that a whole range of games will be released in the next few months, under the Vegas Live brand. Players will be enabled to access them through the conventional online casino page on the website.

The games that can be indulged at the moment are live Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack, which offer exciting presentations by attractive female croupiers as well as chat facilities and advanced video streaming technology.

Update Proposed Spanish Bill Amendments Assessed by AEDAPI

Authorities still have a long way to go to reach regulated online gambling industry

A draft bill on online gambling made by the Spanish Government has gotten many suggestions from interested parties such as political parties, trade associations and clients who would like to have Spanish market licenses. According to the Spanish trade association AEDAPI, over 200 amendments have come from political groups and it’s believed that they will provide a coherent and competitive legal framework which should help that Spanish online gaming becomes interesting to operators.

Some significant recommendations picked out by AEDAPI could be divided in three groups. Political groups prefer a licensing system based on administrative licenses. They think that it would help promote a competitive industry for the operators, instead of a system constituted on a tender procedure. Parliamentary groups suggest that the tax rates should be reduced so as to make Spanish market more competitive with other EU markets. They advocate decreasing of the tax rates from the current 25%, which is one of the highest in the EU, to attract foreign gambling operator. The recommendations coming from political parties show readiness to lessen the rights that LAE and ONCE have with proposed lottery concept. They believe it would make Spanish market fair to all competitors.

There were also very restrictive measures proposed, such as a demand for a black period as it was suggested in Denmark. In that case, applicants would have to stop all operations during a determined period before being granted a license. Additionally, they would need to delete their databases and freeze all promotional activities, sponsorships and advertizing. AEDAPI believes that it would increase illegal operators’ action. It would probably make the current situation worse, when 90% of Spanish operators are efficient and professional, and go through a number of regular inspections. Also, they believe that setting up of technological equipment and servers in Spanish land would make the Spanish market less attractive for European operators.

A President of AEDAPI, Sacha Michaud gave her final comment: “The fact that a large number of amendments have been submitted by the different political groups on the one hand indicates that there is still much work to do but on the other that we’re going in the right direction to build a positive framework.”